Interview with Banorte Chief Analytics Officer Jose Murillo

Jose Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer at banking group Banorte, talks about his first big success as the bank’s CAO. Since then, his team’s work has yielded more than $2 billion USD in profits for Banorte.

“The first project that we undertook in analytics that was very successful was in reducing the cost of risk,” he recalls. “That was a good bet in the sense that it was somewhere where was could have huge results and profits in the short term. It was easy to measure, and that allowed the analytics business unit a huge degree of credibility.”

“After that, we started to move to reducing operating costs and financial costs and onto the income generating side doing the cross sell and upsell strategies that have been very successful.”

Click on the video above now to discover why Murillo believes ensuring analytics executives can measure the results of their initiatives is vital to their success.