Achieving Data Integrity & Business Success

Five executives unpack the ethical case for using data to drive Business Success.

Having and maintaining trusted data that is accurate, consistent, and filled with context is more important now more than ever, as businesses continue to undergo massive digital transformation at a rapid pace. 

Leaders are tasked with integrating data into new cloud platforms and ensuring data quality expectations are met so that the data can be effectively utilized for strategic and operational initiatives. All whilst enriching it with context for business decision-making, advanced analytics, and machine learning use cases. 

Join us for a discussion featuring five senior global data & analytics executives, as we dive deep into the biggest challenges and opportunities that data integrity presents for business success. 

Business of Data Show Special

Accelerating Digital Transformation with the 4 Building Blocks of Data Integrity

Digital transformation is opening new doors to new possibilities through data-driven innovation. For organizations that wish to unleash the potential of all of their data and achieve their digital transformation objectives, data integrity is critically important.

Enterprise-wide data integrity is built on four key elements: data integration, data quality and governance, location intelligence, and data enrichment. Together these provide the accuracy, consistency, and context that’s crucial to data-driven decision-making.

Join us as we discuss these four key elements with Dr. Tendü Yoğurtçu, Chief Technology Officer at Precisely so that you can ensure a solid foundation for your digital transformation initiatives in the year ahead.

Speakers Include:

– Morgan Templar, Vice President, Information Management, Highmark Health
– Guy Taylor, Interim Director of Experimentation,
– Hartnell Ndungi, Chief Data Officer, ABSA
– David Woods, Senior Vice President – Strategic Services, Precisely
– Dan Power, Managing Director, Data Governance, State Street