Executives at the inaugural Business of Data Festival revealed how they’re embedding cultures of experimentation, establishing efficient analytics development processes and setting their sights on hyper personalization

How recommender systems can be leveraged to improve customer experience and product adoption (Netflix, Inbound Marketing (MTN4ME)) Improving product design and reducing GTM lead times (RPA & Predictive modelling) • Leveraging Social Data to spot trends and inform product design Guests:

Delivering business value is the sole focus for cutting-edge data analytics leaders. This can take many forms and is reliant on the business conditions - from a people, process and technology perspective - being ripe for transformation efforts. This episode

‘Garbage in, garbage out’ is a common trope in data analytics and it is no less relevant to AI. The quality of insights is only as strong as the quality of the data that drives them. In this episode, Ren

From AI created Logos to automated humans within advertising, the potential of AI is enormous for WPP. Join us as we dive into this fascinating area! Guests: Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI, WPP

Dr. Tendu Yogurtcu, Chief Technology Officer for Precisely, joins us in this session to discuss trends impacting enterprise IT and data science teams who are driving data-driven initiatives for their organizations. We’ll focus specifically on how teams are overcoming data

Productionizing AI is a critical step towards achieving AI success. In this chat, Craig and Dino discuss AI automation, benefits of doing so, and how to avoid performance degradation. Guests: Dino Bernicchi, Head of Data Science, HomeChoice International

AI, and its promise of revolutionizing business, led to a scramble for arms. However, less consideration was given to the future requirements for AI - minimal business risk, bias-free, ethical and privacy-centric. In this episode, JoAnn Stonier will share her

Even the most sophisticated technologies, software and algorithms need to be programmed and managed by humans. In this episode, we discuss how human bias is able to negatively affect your data analytics outcomes, and how diversity of thought in your