New technology has transformed business intelligence (BI), helping businesses to use it to identify, develop and create new business opportunities

The executives in our 2020 Global Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics list report surges in data literacy, data maturity and team productivity in the age of COVID-19

Based on a Gartner framework Hartnell Ndungi, Chief Data Officer for Absa Bank Kenya, has identified 5 levels of data maturity that describe the state an organisation is in: Basic, Opportunistic, Systematic, Differentiating and Transformative

To determine the state of data analytics in the Middle East and Africa, we conducted a representative survey of 87 senior data analytics leaders from across the region. This report combines our findings with commentary from three industry experts to

As companies in the Middle East and Africa progress through their data journeys, data and analytics leaders are turning their attention to AI, data science and advanced analytics