From AI created Logos to automated humans within advertising, the potential of AI is enormous for WPP. Join us as we dive into this fascinating area! Guests: Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI, WPP

Most organizations are aware of how important it is to protect data for analytics, but doing so is no small feat. There is no silver bullet to making data safe, nor is there one single source of truth that provides

Analytics has changed in its role in many organisations, and will continue to change as technology and skills advance. Join us for this episode where we deep dive into the common challenges and opportunities of the changing role of analytics. Guests:

The future is an exciting place, especially at Three! Join us for this episode where Gill Tomlinson, Director of Data & Analytics at Three will talk us through the future data fundamentals. Guests: Gillian Tomlinson, Director of Data & Analytics, Three

It’s one thing to get your Governance right on-prem, but how much of that strategy will be transferable to the cloud? Join us as we sit down with Dee Samra, Liberty Global to talk about Governance and the Cloud. Guests: Dee

Extracting value from your data assets has never been more critical as online activity continues to ramp up during and post the pandemic. Organisations are dealing with an enormous data influx which, coupled with all the different tools and systems

Data Sustainability compared to other areas of D&A may still yet become top of the agenda, in this episode Priyank and Ross seek to change that by inspiring our audience to become champions of data sustainability. Guests: Priyank Patwa, Head of

Hosted by Catherine King Guests: Sherene Jose, VP & Chief of Staff, Mastercard