Data is the lifeblood of any organization looking to grow and scale. Organizations want to make more data readily accessible to drive innovation faster, while still maintaining consumer trust and respecting customer privacy, but they face significant challenges. Data scientists

Being data-first unlocks smarter decisions faster, drives revenue growth, and improves margins. Everyone’s talking about the benefits, but how many organizations have the right strategy to truly drive that transformation? Data alone is not enough. A key to becoming data-first

The power of data is unquestionable and its impact on businesses and customers is transformational. However, how do you balance privacy concerns with personalization expectations? How do you deliver business value and drive revenues while behaving ethically? This episode will

Hosted by Catherine King Guests: Sherene Jose, VP & Chief of Staff, Mastercard

Delivering real and impact business value is the holy grail for data analytics leaders. This episode will discuss the power of data innovation, as a driver of digital transformation, in improving operational efficiencies and generating increased revenue to boost the

Digital Transformation on paper can appear fairly simple. Set up a new infrastructure, use a different technology – simple, right? This session will seek to explore the reality of digital transformation in practice. Guests: Adam Mayer, Senior Manager, Technical Product Marketing,

All around the globe organizations have had to accelerate their digital transformation plans, but there are no plug-and-play shortcuts to success. This episode will explore how data & analytics leaders are paving the way to a data-driven digital future and

Vision, Strategy and Updates from New South Wales Guest speaker: Ian Opperman, Chief Data Scientist, NSW Government

In modern business, digital transformation and data analytics are inextricably linked. This episode will explore data analytics as a key driver in organization-wide digital transformation efforts, and the role of data analytics leaders in defining and delivering the vision for