Matt Minor, Head of Group Data and Analytics at Blackmores, joined day two of the Business of Data Festival to discuss the health supplements producer’s data and analytics journey

The old adage says that ‘defense wins championships’ and the same could be said for CDAOs. In this episode, we explore the fundamentals of the CDAO’s playbook: strong data governance and agile data architecture as the critical foundation for future

Being data-first unlocks smarter decisions faster, drives revenue growth, and improves margins. Everyone’s talking about the benefits, but how many organizations have the right strategy to truly drive that transformation? Data alone is not enough. A key to becoming data-first

It’s not just about being good; it’s about getting better. This episode will look into how experimentation analytics seeks to dive into a micro level of understanding to inform macro decision making. Although it can be costly, the benefits can

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, this we know and understand. So how do we continue to generate, build and maintain a winning data culture? This episode will seek to explore just that! Guests: Paul Chapman, Global Director Performance Management, BI

Storytelling is becoming the latest skill required of data professionals, but what does that practically mean? In this episode, Jenny Chong will tell us her experiences with building teams who can tell compelling stories with their data. Guest speaker: Jenny Chong,

Data ownership, securing company-wide buy-in and data literacy emerged as key priorities for data-focused executives during the 2021 Business of Data Festival’s sessions on ‘data culture’

Based on in-depth interviews with 10 of the world's top data-focused executives, this special report highlights six of the common challenges Chief Data and Analytics Officers typically face.

This representative survey of 100 European data and analytics leaders provides a clear view of the maturity of DataOps practices in the region today