This week in the Business of Data Fight Club we debated storytelling within the data & analytics function, and how it can impact relationships within the business & the wider data culture

As part of our Leading Female Executive Monthly LinkedIn Live panel discussions, our fantastic leaders joined together this September to talk about data useability.

This representative survey of 100 European data and analytics leaders provides a clear view of the maturity of DataOps practices in the region today

In this week's episode of the Business of Data podcast, host Catherine King talks with Daniel Cox, VP of Data Visualization and Insights for British multinational universal bank, Barclays. Together they walk through Dan's career journey from baker to data,

In this week's clubhouse host Catherine King talk with data leaders about the challenges surrounding data automation during the 30-minute fight club.

Lazola Nadamase, Head of Data Insights & MI at Absa Group appeared live on stage with host Catherine King to discuss how to successfully drive a culture of data throughout your organization

David Henderson, Chief Geospatial Officer, Great Britain, and Luke Parker, Senior Technical Officer, Department of National Defence, Canada, argue that creating stories with geospatial data is essential to communicating its value and impact

Susan Walsh, Founder and Managing Director of The Classification Guru talks with host Catherine King about finding her calling as a 'fixer of dirty data'

In this week's clubhouse host Christie Hattersley talks with data leaders about the challenges surrounding data & cancel culture during the 30-minute fight club.