The Data Journey – Australia and New Zealand, 2021

Perspectives from Senior Data and Analytics Leaders During Qlik’s Executive Exchange, October 2021

The data and analytics movement in Australia and New Zealand is well and truly taking shape as organizations invest in staff and strategies to transform their businesses digitally using data.

It’s an exciting period for data scientists and analytical experts in the region. However, the journey has in many ways only just begun. 

In October 2021, cloud data and analytics platform provider Qlik hosted a roundtable with senior Australian and New Zealand data and analytics leaders to discuss some of the key themes and findings surfaced in the Qlik-supported Corinium report: State of Data and Analytics Australia and New Zealand, 2021

In this follow-up roundtable report, we explore some of the insights provided by the attending data professionals. 

Topics covered include what shape ANZ data strategies are taking, leadership structures and data executive reporting lines, innovation plans for the next three-to-five years and the importance of ethical approaches in data governance.

Download the research report behind the discussion: