Nordic Data and Analytics Success Stories 2021

Nordic D&A Success Stories

How Nordic Enterprises are Delivering Data-Driven Business Transformations in the Age of COVID-19

With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc across the Nordic region, the need for businesses to invest even more in data and analytics has never been clearer.

Smart executives know that it’s those who act now to accelerate their digital transformations that will be best positioned to thrive after the pandemic.

This exclusive report explores the strategies, technical capabilities and business transformations 12 leading executives are pioneering in uncertain times.

Contributors include:

  • Girish Agarwal, Director AI Lab, Husqvarna Group
  • Emine Olausson Fourounjieva, Former Digital Analytics and Insights Lead, Nobia
  • Gabriela Ayres, Global Credit Risk and Analytics Lead, Care by Volvo
  • Juwel Rana, Head of Analytics, Varner
  • Morten Bunes Gustavsen, Head of Data, DNB Wealth Management
  • Manana Rtskhiladze, Global Workforce Analytics Lead, Electrolux
  • Robin Hjeite, Head of Analytics, Swish
  • Nathaniel Spohn, General Manager, EMEA, Fivetran
  • Dr. Dennis Nilsson, Head of BI and Analytics, Jyske Bank
  • Erik Tallroth, Head of Analytics Sweden, Telia Company
  • Nick Nowlan, Nordic Lead, Fivetran
  • Sam Troilius, CDAO, Loopia Group