Data-Driven Business Latin America 2020

How to Spearhead a Cultural Revolution That Puts Data at the Heart of Business Decision-Making

Latin America’s data and analytics market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming months and years. Businesses are starting to realize that they have a choice between embracing data-driven technologies or losing market share to those who do. With insights from four experts who speak at Corinium events, this report explores how data leaders can guide their businesses through this transition:

Alejandro Bahnsen, VP Artificial Intelligence at Rappi, outlines why large enterprises can’t afford to ignore the innovative techniques tech startups are using to drive ROI with data.

Banorte CAO José A Murillo and FIFCO Head of Business Analytics José Arias Soto make the business case for adopting data-driven ways of working.

Joao Barbosa, CIO LatAm at GE Healthcare, outlines what he sees as the key challenges Latin American companies are grappling with as they progress down the path to data maturity.

What’s more, our contributors reveal where they believe businesses should invest to get the most out of AI technologies in 2020 and beyond.


  • Alejandro Bahnsen, VP Artificial Intelligence, Rappi
  • Joao Barbosa, CIO LatAm, GE Healthcare
  • José A Murillo, CAO, Banorte
  • José Arias Soto, Head of Business Analytics, FIFCO