2020 State of Data and Analytics MEA

A Snapshot of the Opportunities and Challenges Facing Data and Analytics Leaders Today

To determine the current state of data analytics in the Middle East and Africa, we conducted a representative survey of 87 senior data analytics leaders from across the region. This report combines our findings with commentary from three industry experts to create an exclusive snapshot of the health of the industry.

Inside, Hartnell Ndungi, CDO at Absa Bank of Kenya, discusses how the role of the CDAO is changing and why businesses in the region are becoming increasingly data-centric.

Louise de Beer, Head of BI and Data Science at Leadhome, argues that having a data or analytics function is now a corporate “hygiene factor”.

Mark Nasila, CAO, Consumer Banking and Chief Risk Office at FNB South Africa, discusses how his team is using AI against a backdrop of increased focus on advanced data and analytics initiatives.

What’s more, we reveal the key objectives the region’s data leaders are striving towards and the top challenges that stand in their way.


  • Hartnell Ndungi, CDO, Absa Bank of Kenya
  • Louise de Beer, Head of BI and Data Science, Leadhome
  • Mark Nasila, CAO – Consumer Banking and Chief Risk Office, FNB South Africa