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The pace of data-driven business transformation accelerated rapidly in 2020.

Our Driving Business Value with AI in the Data Cloud research highlights the strategic investments executives should make now to accelerate AI projects in the data cloud, unlock new revenue streams and keep up with the pack.

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To discover how cloud-enabled AI is transforming businesses in 2021, we surveyed 100 senior data and analytics leaders at large US enterprises.
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with job titles ranging from C-Level to Director, VP or Head of Department


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is what each survey respondent's company generates in revenue annually


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Last year, 98% accelerated their plans to unlock the business benefits cloud migration can yield.

say they’re at least two years ahead of where they would otherwise be

“Cost was the primary driver for moving our Electronic Health Records to the cloud. We don’t have the capacity or individuals to maintain on-premise infrastructure”

Dr Besa Bauta
Chief Data Officer, MercyFirst

Key Takeaway

In 2021, enterprises will build on their cloud migration momentum to realize the benefits moving more data to the cloud can bring. Our research outlines how your business can do the same.


Three core challenges are stalling data leaders' attempts to deliver cloud migrations that set their enterprise up for AI success


of respondents say securing executive buy-in for cloud migration is at least ‘quite challenging’


say understanding what data their enterprise has and where it’s kept is at least ‘quite challenging’


say ensuring data privacy and security in the cloud is at least ‘quite challenging’

“Cloud providers give enterprises access to modern data management tools that accommodate unstructured and open source technologies. Without these capabilities, it’s more difficult for enterprises to operationalize and scale AI”

Ashish Verma
Managing Director and Data Modernization and Analytics Leader, Deloitte

Key Takeaway

Enterprises should use our contributors’ advice to step up their efforts to secure buy-in for cloud initiatives and unlock the six key benefits of cloud migration outlined in our research.


AI-focused leaders expect to have deployed a wide range of AI systems in their organizations by 2023

One in four enterprises have already made the jump to prescriptive AI

We have no AI or analytics capabilities
We have descriptive analytics or AI capabilities
We have predictive analytics or AI capabilities
We have prescriptive analytics or AI capabilities

“When you’re looking to do AI, the majority of the processing is with relatively standard techniques”

Dr Vladimir Bacvanski
Principal Architect, Strategic Architecture, PayPal

Key Takeaway

Executives should carefully consider which AI systems have the greatest potential for impact in their organizations. Our research highlights the five AI technologies that will transform the future of business.

Meet Our Expert Contributors

Dr Vladimir Bacvanski

Principal Architect, Strategic Architecture


Cetin Karakus

Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions


Dr Besa Bauta

Chief Data Officer


Ashish Verma

Managing Director and Data Modernization and Analytics Leader

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Romy Hussain

Former Senior Director of Healthcare Economics and Data Science

John Hopkins Healthcare