Productionizing AI is a critical step towards achieving AI success. In this chat, Craig and Dino discuss AI automation, benefits of doing so, and how to avoid performance degradation. Guests: Dino Bernicchi, Head of Data Science, HomeChoice International

It’s not just about being good; it’s about getting better. This episode will look into how experimentation analytics seeks to dive into a micro level of understanding to inform macro decision making. Although it can be costly, the benefits can

Quick Insights! We ask our guests a series of questions in a quick fire format. This high-energy session will have our guests sharing their biggest wins, failures and interesting data analytics stories. Guests: Nollie Maoto, Executive Head: Business Intelligence, Analytics,

AI, and its promise of revolutionizing business, led to a scramble for arms. However, less consideration was given to the future requirements for AI - minimal business risk, bias-free, ethical and privacy-centric. In this episode, JoAnn Stonier will share her

There are pre-requisites for a business culture that allows for data to have an impact. In this episode Matt will offer insights into developing the Blackmore Group data platform, using an agile operating model and dynamic methodologies to have a

A deep end dive into where data literacy and business literacy meet, change management, tool adoption and generating buy-in. Guest: Maritza Curry, Head of Data, RCS Group

Di & Vipul sit down with each other in our UK studio to talk about how they collaborate together to encourage data and analytics innovation within WPP. Guest: Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI, WPPVipul Parmar, Global Head of

Hear first-hand from Gaurav from TigerGraph how graph analytics has helped to respond to the global pandemic and help businesses come out in a better position than they went in! Guest: Gaurav Deshpande, VP Marketing, TigerGraph

Customers expect a level of personalization with each touchpoint with every brand. Generic wheelhouse marketing will no longer suffice. So how has O2 looked to ensure they’re capitalise on their hyper-personalization? Tune in to find out. Guest: Eddie Short, Chief Data