Gladwin Mendez, Data and Information Security Officer at Fisher Funds, shares how his organization is supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community We know diversity and inclusion are crucial to the success of avoiding issues surrounding AI bias etc. How do you

Dan Power, Managing Director, Data Governance, Global Markets at State Street, shares how his organization is supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community What are you doing to celebrate Pride month in your organization? State Street has a ‘Pride and Friends’ employee network

AI-focused leaders are aware that a 'responsible AI' problem exists, but there’s still no consensus on what responsibilities enterprises have around AI use

Cigna International Markets' Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Ram Venkatachalam, shares some key aspects of his wide-reaching data and analytics strategy If the successful application of a data strategy in a single business is a satisfying accomplishment, the notion of

Enterprises are establishing dedicated roles, such as the ‘model operator’, to oversee the effective monitoring, governance and maintenance of AI models in production

Fisher Funds’ Chief Data and Information Security Officer, Gladwin Mendez, shares his experiences and ‘top tips’ for success from his first three months in his new role

With the use of AI in business becoming more widespread, enterprises are developing mature ModelOps functions to facilitate better monitoring, managing and governance for AI systems in production

Technology is helping enterprise data leaders break down analytics silos and empower staff to analyze data without compromising on data governance

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