This research report, with commentary from a range of experienced executives, identifies top challenges facing data-focused executives from Canadian businesses with over CAD 650 million in revenue. In addition, it explores how they are working to overcome those challenges to

Some data does not age well; the longer you sit on it, the less valuable it becomes. This is why many businesses are focusing their resources on acting quickly on new information as it emerges.

Edosa Odaro, CDAO at Saudi Arabian insurer Tawuniya, shares the major lessons from his journey as an analytics leader

In this special live Business of Data podcast, Karen Ambrose, Research Data Services and Database Team Lead at The Francis Crick Institute, appears on stage with Catherine King at CDAO UK to discuss the important role of data in science Watch now

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Adebayosoye Awonaike, Head of Data at Legal & General Capital outlines his cloud transformation journey at the investment company

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Milton Volpato, East and West Markets Modeling Data Solutions Manager at Liberty Mutual Insurance, shares his advice for getting organizational buy-in for delivering transformation projects