Vukosi Sambo

Executive Head of Data Solutions and Business Insight, Medscheme Holdings


Vukosi Sambo is an experienced executive and renowned international keynote speaker, with extensive cross-industry experience. He currently serves as the Executive Head of Data Solutions and Business Insight at Medscheme (Afrocentric Group), a leading South African health insurer with almost four million lives under administration.

Before Joining Medscheme, Vukosi served as Chief Data Officer at Kaelo, held senior roles in Discovery, Nielsen & SAB. He has won several awards including the 2020 Global Top 100 Data Visionary from the Future Leader Forum Season five.

He holds a post-graduate diploma in artificial intelligence from the University of Texas (USA), Cloud Computing (University of Texas, USA), Risk Management (Unisa), Business Administration (Unisa), Digital Strategies for Business (Columbia Business School, USA), Lean Six Sigma (BMGI University, USA) & CDO Data Leaders Certification. He is a comrade marathon, two oceans marathon and Soweto marathon finisher.

Getting to know...

Why did you want to be part of the Global Advisory Board?

I would like to contribute meaningfully to driving the data and analytics agenda and thought leadership with a comprehensive understanding of global trends, challenges and opportunities associated with data and analytics and related technology pillars. Data and analytics are undeniably going to be one of the key differentiators of organizational competitiveness and socio-economic development. I am excited to participate actively in engaging fellow data and analytics leaders from private and public sectors to elevate the role of data and analytics and make it a force for the social good.

What are the top three biggest trends that you find interesting in the data and analytics space?

AI, cloud and cybersecurity will remain topics of interest in 2022. I, however, do believe that we will see a shift towards the consolidation of most of the rushed and forced implementations that the COVID pandemic enforced on most businesses. So, I expect to see improved maturity and optimization in how these are rolled out for most businesses. It will require great leadership that can unpack the complexities of their businesses and sectors to fully understand implications to their business models and innovate appropriately to keep data and analytics relevant and anchored in value creation.

What can businesses do today to make themselves future-proof?

The ability to transform towards business models in a way that will fully leverage the power of data and analytics. Technology enablement will ensure that businesses not only fully take advantage of the customer network effects of the digital age, but become both agile and resilient to the exponential increase in frequency and severity of disruptions. This will determine who gets to survive and thrive in the future.