Terence Hung

Chief of Future Intelligence Technologies, Rolls-Royce


Terence Hung is the Chief of Future Intelligence Technologies at Rolls Royce and is an adjunct professor at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. He leads a team responsible for developing artificial intelligence, transforming Rolls Royce’s engineering capabilities and improving the quality of their services and products. He has 27 years of R&D and technology management, experience in diverse computational and digital fields, and has an established track record of formulating, championing and executing new concepts and programs. He served on Microsoft’s international Technical Computing Executive Advisory Council, Singapore Maritime Institute Technology Advisory Panel, Singapore’s National Cloud Computing Advisory Council and the National Supercomputing Center Steering Committee. In 2018, the Infocomm Media Development Agency approached Terence to help develop Singapore’s digital economy technology roadmap.

Getting to know...

You are passionate about making sure the engineering industry doesn’t get left in the data and analytics shadows of others, why is that?

Engineering brings values to society in numerous areas such as infrastructure, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, amongst others. Yet, it is one where the leverage of data has not been given as much attention as other industries such as commerce, finance, retail, and healthcare.  Due to the important role engineering plays in many aspects of society, we need to ensure that it evolves and advances at a commensurate pace, especially in less developed countries.

Why did you want to join the Business of Data Advisory board?

In addition to the opportunity to serve a new community, I am excited about the prospect of networking with like-minded professionals to learn about advances in the data domain and to co-create innovative ideas for the benefit of the community.