Rafaela Salzer

Head of Customer Care and Experience Analytics, Temple and Webster


Rafaela Salzer is a senior executive and thought leader in the data and analytics space with over 20 years of diverse experience across various industries, large enterprises and startups. Having excelled in a variety of roles most notably as the Global Head of BI Delivery at a FTSE 100 company, CTO of her own startup and Director at a ‘big four’ consulting firm. she is passionate about Data Leadership and the commercialization of Data. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and has founded two startups the last five years. Bootstrapped and built up from the ground, the experience has given her wide-ranging business experience and increased her resilience. Rafaela recently joined Temple & Webster as their Head of Customer Care, Offshoring & Experience Analytics.

Getting to know...

You have just moved into a quite different role from your previous one, what are you most excited to work on within the Customer Experience Department?

I am passionate about scaling businesses and driving business growth and I am excited to be an instrumental part of the company’s growth journey. Like every other department, Customer Experience benefits greatly from high-quality data and deriving insights to be able to make informed business decisions. Even more so, however, in terms of customer experience, data and analytics are being harnessed to directly improve the experience of our customers, drive conversation rates and decrease customer acquisition costs. My KPIs are related to customer experience, but I will exceed them through the power of data and analytics. Along the way, I will educate my team, peers, and stakeholders and drive a step-change in the way we operate.

You are really passionate about the D&A initiatives being driven by and for the business, why is this?

Data and analytics need to make commercial sense. ROI benefits only get delivered if the business is on board, or even better, if the business is driving the change from within.  I have experienced many companies in the past where data and analytics initiatives were not driven by the business. These projects ultimately failed because nobody in the business understood the benefits and the deliverables were never incorporated into business processes, leading to little or no usage.  It is so important to bring the business along on the data and analytics journey and spend the time to truly understand the business need, and how data and analytics initiatives can help drive up key business KPIs.