Nirali Patel

Director of Data & Analytics, Openreach


Nirali Patel is a globally recognized data leader with a passion for empowering change in organizations with data-driven insights and experience of setting the strategy and vision to lead multimillion-pound and enterprise transformation initiatives.
Patel has earned a reputation for solving problems, improving customer experience and driving operational improvements through the effective use of data and analytics. She has a track record championing and driving data and digital transformation for complex organizations through deep business understanding and customer-focused solutions.

Getting to know...

You’re a big advocate for data and analytics teams using emotional intelligence to understand their businesses better. Why is this?

Businesses are made of people. It is these people that make businesses successful and, hence, data and analytics teams need to be able to understand the people that make our businesses successful, if we want to help our businesses be more successful.

It is all well and good that we can uncover some brilliant insight. But if we have not pitched that insight specifically to a target audience and understood their emotional pull, that insight won’t hit the right mark.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is all about being aware of others’ emotions and what makes them tick, then using that understanding to direct the business to success through the lens of data.

You’ve been a regular speaker and contributor for Corinium. What made you want to be part of the Business of Data Advisory Board?

I would like to be able to help Corinium and Business of Data shape the agenda for data and analytics going forward. I have a real passion of data and analytics and love the learnings I get from peers within this industry and what I am able to give back to it as well.