Miguel Sanchez Urresty

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Principal LATAM (Chile & Mexico)


Miguel Sanchez Urresty is a data management professional and executive with more than 20 years of experience. He specializes in cloud computing, business intelligence, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, data governance and consulting practices. He has worked as a Director at leading IT companies including, Oracle, IBM, Lenovo and Deloitte. He has a global track record working across multiple industries including, telco, retail, distribution, banking, finance and government. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia), a professional diploma in big data and analytics from Universidad Catolica (Chile), and in business management from Adolfo Ibañez University (Chile) as well as several technical certifications.

Getting to know...

You believe that cloud will accelerate the adoptions of brilliant innovations in ML, AI and analytics, why is that?

Cloud platforms provide an easy and affordable way to provision infrastructure, platforms and built-in components to deal and process massive volumes of data, which was very difficult and expensive before. Having a powerful data processing capacity really makes the difference for ML, AI and analytics innovations and time to market.

What led you to want to be part of the global Business of Data Advisory Board?

I truly believe one of the key components within a professional career is knowledge transfer. Being part of the Data Advisory Board will enable it and also will give me the opportunity to share my experience, providing advice and guidelines to the Data and Analytics community.