Jose Murillo

Chief Analytics Officer, Banorte


Dr Jose A Murillo established and leads the analytics business unit at banking group Banorte. This unit is widely recognized as an industry success story. It entered its sixth year of operations in 2020 and has more than $4 billion USD in value to date.
Harvard Business Review and Forbes have both published articles holding Murillo’s team up as an example of a company which made its analytics investments pay-off. Harvard Business School has also written and taught a case study on his analytics and digital transformation leadership.
Dr Murillo was named in Corinium’s 2020 list of the world’s 100 most influential data and analytics leaders. He has also won the Lafferty Global Award on Credit Card Excellence and has been recognized for commendable AI applications at the Global AIconics Awards. He is also a member of a Queen’s University advisory board and is MIT CDOIQ’s Ambassador for Mexico.
Before joining Banorte, Dr Murillo was a top-ranking official at Mexico’s Central Bank and an advisor to the International Monetary Fund. He holds a PhD in economics from Rice University and a BA in economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Getting to know...

You’re passionate about creating a culture where risks can be taken. Why do you hold risk-taking in such a high regard?

I think that large corporations are able to better serve their customers only if they have a deep understanding of them.

The company that is willing to really understand the customer needs to try new things, in a scientific fashion. This experimentation process can only happen if the company is willing to take calculated risks to further its understanding of the customer.  

What innovations do you hope to see realized at Banorte over the next 12 months?

We are developing several data science initiatives to help our customers embrace digital channels. There are some customer segments that are prone to technology adoption, but others are more reluctant, missing out lots of benefits that would allow them to be financially stronger.

Conversations that I had with customers that have not become digital have convinced me that they have a feeling of being obsolete and that they are not reaping the benefits of new technologies. My mission for 2021 is to ensure that none of our customers are left behind!