Gillian Tomlinson

Director of Data & Analytics, Three UK (CK Hutchinson)


Gillian Tomlinson has more than 17 years’ experience of establishing data-related organizations and leading and delivering data, BI, analytics, data science and AI transformations across the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Tomlinson has worked cross-industry supporting financial services, insurance, retail and telecommunications organizations. Most notably, she was VP of insight specialist Dun and Bradstreet for the EMEA region, where she led the implementation of credit bureaus across different countries. In the UK, she was Head of Change for Credit Risk Data at Royal Bank of Scotland UK, Head of Data Quality at Lloyds Commercial Bank and Chief Data Officer for both RSA Insurance and Whitbread.
At Three UK, Gillian has full accountability for data, BI and analytics and data monetization. She is spearheading the transformation and optimization of the company’s capabilities with a core focus on championing data innovation, optimizing customer experiences and driving operational efficiency and compliance.
She was awarded Chief Data Officer of the Year 2017 by IPQC Europe and identified as one of the top 20 women in data and technology by The Female Lead. She has been nominated as a ‘data titan’ by DataIQ Top 100 in Data for three years running and serves as a member of DataIQ’s advisory board.

Getting to know...

What are the big innovations you see on the horizon for the world of data and analytics?

Given my current role, we truly believe 5G is a gamechanger for the world of data and analytics. We know cloud is; but combine this with 5G and it provides the ability to process data and support true enablement of smart business, smart cities and, ultimately, smart economies.

Harnessing big data and expanding the use of AI, combined with natural language processing and visual tooling, holds enormous benefits for organizations, both in improving how they internally run their businesses and engage customers and in diversifying their product offerings.

Our research shows that 50% of CX leaders believe customers expect more seamless, integrated digital experiences following COVID-19. What are your thoughts on this?

I fully agree. In the age of COVID-19, face-to-face customer engagement and even the availability of call centers has been severely impacted and is predominantly not available. This has meant that the primary engagement methods are digital. Therefore, customers are wanting their needs to be met and to walk away feeling that the process was easy and efficient.

Stress levels in the times of COVID-19 are high and I’m sure the last thing a customer wants is a poor and frustrating experience