Camilla Björkqvist

Transformation Director Global Data & Analytics, Danone


Camilla Bjorkqvist is a digital program leader with a passion for learning and an extensive track record of spearheading global teams to execute complex programs. Passionate for diversity in every corner and hungry for delivery wins, she is always on the lookout for the next person to convert to the data and analytics cause.
Bjorkqvist believes that leaders are only as good as their teams. She says: “It is up to us to create a team of experts and then get out of their way and help pave their way to success.” She enjoys both strategic and high-level discussions, but is equally comfortable working on operational areas, deep diving into micro-designs and project plans.
As a mother of three and a loving wife to her husband Daniel, Bjorkqvist enjoys the company of close friends and family. Her hobbies include working out at the gym with friends, long walks and good dinners with good wines. Travel is also a key part of her life, both professionally and personally.

Getting to know...

Camilla, why do you hold the ‘people first’ approach to data and analytics so highly?

I truly believe that all data & analytics transformations are actually human transformations in disguise. We can create all the right technology platforms in the world, with the fanciest dashboards and the craziest algorithms. If no leader looks at them, nor trust the data they are based on, or the solutions are not built into the business processes – the Data & Analytics initiative will fall flat on its face. We need to bring the people with us and integrate strong communication, data literacy and data culture initiatives, into the overall transformation plans. When we have the buy-in from the organization, and people understand ‘what does data & analytics mean for me’, then we can continue on the system implementation paths, and implementing the data governance methodologies and finally, having fun with the fantastic AI and predictive analytics.

Camilla, what are the next steps you’ll be taking to improve data literacy within Danone?

As we have seen in recent publications, the Data & Analytics and AI transformation, adoption and moving to a more data-driven mindset, is KEY for creating a change. A data transformation is like almost any other transformation, a human shift strategy. How do you change the mindset of people? How do you change the behavior, the thinking, the decision making etc? Like my boss says: data problems are people problems in disguise. Therefore I am incredibly passionate about the data literacy shift we are driving within Danone. This transformation cannot happen from a small team of experts, however, everyone needs to feel empowered on this journey to be the change. I can list a few things we are working on with the team: we are launching the Data Academy. The Data Academy is not only set up to train the Data professionals themselves (which is critical), however, we also are creating training modules for all Danoners within the company, no matter where they sit or what they do. Key to this is of course, also to bring the leadership with us; for them to understand the basic concept; the criticality of foundations; and how you can make the largest impact within your domain. Finally, communication, communication, communication. I cannot emphasize this enough. We drive community calls where people share amongst each other, be it Data Science Fellowships or Master Data Management community calls. We have launched something called the Data Bar, which is a social media site where we want ‘people to come and hang out’. Here they can read articles, listen to podcasts, ask questions and participate in some fun Happy Hours, with quizzes etc. This is a big hit within Danone. All in all, to drive this type of Transformation, data literacy is a key concept we are taking very seriously and moving on every level!