In this week's episode of the Business of Data podcast, host Catherine King talks with Steven Totman, Chief Strategy Officer, for data privacy software company, Privitar. Together they walk through some of Steve's horror stories of ethics gone wrong, and

Cochlear’s Director of Marketing Analytics, Brendan Mathias, shares some of the ways analytics is helping customers find and grow with their hearing solutions Australian-headquartered Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing devices. Founded in 1981, the hearing implant manufacturing company

In this week's episode of the Business of Data podcast, host Catherine King joins Sean MacCarthy, VP of Analytics for Good Sam & Camping World on stage at CDAO Chicago 2022 to talk about data in reality

University of Technology Sydney Industry Professor for Responsible Technology, Edward Santow, talks AI Ethics and Innovation It can’t be denied that data and analytics and AI are two major drivers propelling the world along the path of digital transformation. It’s also

In this week's clubhouse host Catherine King talk with data leaders about the challenges surrounding data automation during the 30-minute fight club.

The state of Victoria in Australia has officially unveiled its Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) platform, a digital replica of the state designed for data visualisation, exploration and planning. The platform, built by the Victorian Government in partnership with Australia’s national science

Kulani Likotsi, Head of Data Management and Data Governance for a major South African Bank, talks with us about ensuring data privacy and security are at the heart of data processes

Almost every enterprise in our survey has reached a baseline level of data maturity. The task now is to source high-quality data while staying ahead of regulators and delivering business outcomes faster

This guest blog from Absa Group Compliance's Head of Data Governance Dr. Sizwe Gwala discusses how the next generation of data management practices are enabling improved data capabilities, operational efficiency and access